Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My dog, the money pit

So, here's where men and women differ:

Our dog, Rudy, is a terrible dog. I got him eight years ago and essentially, his entire existence in our family has been to a) shit all over our house and b) need operations. If you were to make a pro/con list on Rudy, you would never actually get to the "pro" list -- it's like the canine version of Zeno's paradox.

As if Rudy wanted to cement his place in the pantheon of terrible dogs, he's recently decided to start growling and snapping at my son. He hasn't broken the skin yet, but it's only a matter of time.

To my male way of thinking, the best solution to this problem involves a burlap sack and a trip to the nearest rushing river. My son (and wallet!) is safe from Rudy forever and Rudy, if all the dog theologists are right, will be going to a better dog place. Problem solved.

My wife has a female brain though, and her solution is this: spend $150 to have Rudy's teeth filed down.

I tried to put my foot down last night. I really did. I had every intention of saying "No!" that we've already poured enough money, time, and effort, down the bottomless Rudy hole. The result? In four minutes, I leave for the vet.

Bah, humbug.

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Megan said...

Jay, I have two german shep/huskie mixes and why we thought a year ago that is was a good idea to get two puppies that got huge, along with already having two small kids is beyond me, however we had a similar problem with the younger of the two. Solution: A super durable muzzel and everytime he snapped or growled the muzzel went on for ten mins. We kept this up for about a month and the snapping/growling issue was solved. Everytime he even sees the muzzle come out now, he stops whatever he is doing and goes to his spot. He just acts like "I wasnt doing anything". It really worked but it sucked for about a month.