Tuesday, January 06, 2009

An appeal to women...

I know that you all pretty much universally hate the "c-word." I know that merely uttering it within a thousand yards of a self-respecting female is a one-way ticket to having your balls bashed in.

I can't say I understand it -- it is, after all, just a word -- but I've come to accept that it's best just to clear that word out of my mind. I Winston Smith it right down the memory hole and pretend that I never learned it. It's really the only way you can survive a marriage.

All that being said, can't we all come together and agree that it's okay to use the "c-word" when talking about Ann Coulter? It's the only word in the English language that properly describes her.


Megan said...

Jay, being a women myself who hates that word more than anything, I give you full permission to use it as much as you want to describe that horrid women. I cant help but think that her parents are anything but utterly embarrassed/ashamed by everything that comes out of her mouth. I just don't understand how she could not be mortified by the terrible things she says. She must be missing a huge chunk of her brain, that is the only reasonable explanation.

randulo said...

Funny, living in Europe I've only heard the A.C. name from Bill Maher jokes - Bill is the king of news - and right here on your blog. Fortunately, there's a huge part of the world who will never hear of this person, C or not.

Carol said...

Maybe you're trying to be funny by throwing about objectionable language - goodness knows a lot of comics eventually take that low road - but why not respond in an intelligent way to the clip you linked there? Is juvenile name calling that much more fun?

From what I saw there, Ms. Coulter made a point about how people who have a political agenda use death of a loved one to "shield" them from criticism as they make sweeping liberal foreign policy statements with immunity (because who would cross someone who just lost a son?).

Mr. Lauer actually *made* Ms. Coulter's point for her when he objected to her questioning the motives of some of these activists. After all, they lost someone...they are beyond criticism! I think the "c" word that describes the way she made a fool of Mr. Lauer is "cunning."