Thursday, January 15, 2009

Moving is hard

It's been a while, I know. But, believe me, it's not because my brain isn't working. It's because the state of New Jersey makes you do a bunch of stuff in order to buy a house.

I imagine if I bought one two years ago, at the height of the Tulip-economy that was the mortgage industry then, I would have only had to prove that I had fingerprints before they poured a barrel full of money on the table. Now, though? More paperwork than my comedian (read: dinosaur) brain can comprehend.

So, hold tight, fair readers. More writing is on the way.

(Two notes:

Megan, I took your advice about updating my website... and accidentally destroyed the whole thing! The good people at iPower are in the process of trying to repair the damage. As always, I am an idiot.

Carol, here's what you said about my post regarding Ann "C"oulter:

"Maybe you're trying to be funny by throwing about objectionable language - goodness knows a lot of comics eventually take that low road - but why not respond in an intelligent way to the clip you linked there? Is juvenile name calling that much more fun?"

Just a point of order: I never actually, you know, used the word. Is it really taking a low road if you don't actually take the road, but instead map out the directions for others to take the low road themselves?

And yes, juvenile name calling is always fun.)

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Megan said...

New site looks great! It looks so fancy and professional. No really, you did a nice job and it loads so much better than the other one. Happy your back.