Sunday, September 04, 2005

Finally Here!

Well, if you're reading this, it means that you went to the old website and got redirected here to the new one. The website is still very much in flux and expect many changes to be made in the near future.

(I'm still working on how to get the redirect to work smoothly -- until then we'll have that stupid opening link. The new podcasts should be out within the week and you'll be able to subscribe to them within itunes. My calendar is not up to date -- expect all the gigs to be in there shortly -- and the guestbook is going to reboot. Actually, I'm not that upset about that as the old guestbook contained some pretty nasty stuff in it. Also, expect my merchandise to be onsale shortly -- jayblack t-shirts and shotglasses will be up here shortly.)

On the merchandise front, there's going to be some cheesy give-aways that will be produced specifically for my NACA appearance this November, and any left-overs I'll have available on the site as well. (Simply because there might be a collector out there who wouldn't feel right unless he had the t-shirt, the shotglass AND that special nick-nack giveaway :) )

All right, thanks for visiting.


(PS, if you're here, please respond to this post: what do you think of the new blog-type format for the website? Better than that old one or not? Is it a cheesy way to make the site look better -- that is, should I invest some heavy dollars on a designed site? Or is this fine for my purposes? Please let me know what you think!)

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