Thursday, September 08, 2005

TCNJ Show post-game

The Signal, which is The College of New Jersey's newspaper, is running an article about last week's performance. This is the picture they ran with it and at first I was a little upset (figuring that college kids would no doubt mock that bulbous head of mine), but then I realized that the picture was pretty much as good-looking as I'll ever be. It was then that I became _very_ upset :)

The write-up was great, though. If you're interested in reading it:
  • click here

  • Check back later tonight for the first new podcast of the fall!


    (PS The article does not mention our emcee for the night, Harris, who I thought _rocked_.)


    Anonymous said...

    Black, you did great. The people I actually met at the show wouldn´t stop quoting you for this whole week. Thank you for the performance and it was amazing to see you again-

    ps- i got there hella early for that front and center seat

    Anonymous said...

    "I was disgusted by O'Neal and disappointed by anyone in the crowd that laughed at his cruel and racist jokes," Laura Giannella, senior English education major, said.

    Wow, she sounds like a real treat. Of course I have no idea why a college would book Patrice in the first place.

    A lot of people seem to be abandoning the conventional webpage for blogs or very lo-fi webpages. Now all you need is a MySpace group, as for some reason the kids are crazy about those things.