Friday, September 02, 2005


Thanks to the good people at my alma mater, The College of New Jersey, for rocking the house tonight. 660 kids filling up the beautiful theater at Kendall Hall. It was a pleasure!

This is a short update while I try to get the new site (which is really just kind of a blog) up and running. You may have noticed that that horrible picture of me from the old headshot is gone (but not forgotten) and a cutesy baby picture of me is up instead. I'm getting new headshots next week and I'm using my baby-jay self to hold me over until then.

There's a whole rash of updates coming up -- including what's going on with the screenplay in development, my new college agent (whom I'll be linking to shortly), the Improv shows out in California, the TV pilot pitches we'll be doing in LA, the sketch show running in NY, the XM radio spot, the MSN Media spot, and a whole bunch of other really neat news articles.

I realize that this site will have a lot of self-promotional stuff up on it, but I wan't you to understand that the self-loathing is still there as strong as ever. That's why I do what I do :)



Lisa G. TcNj '07 said...

hey! i was at ur TCNJ show and i just wanted to tell u that we loved u sooo much! it was so awesome having a TCNJer up on stage!...u were the best comic that night and we had such a good time with u there! u have to come back again sometime!!!

Jay Black said...

thanks so much for your kind words lisa. it was a great night and you guys were the best audience. i meant what i said: it was the best time i've ever had doing comedy.

hopefully i will be back!