Monday, September 22, 2008

To Megan, quite possibly my only reader

Just got your comment on my God is Pro-life? post and figured I'd write you a thank you. Originally, I was going to reply to just the comment on that particular post, but I figured that would be kind of like pulling someone aside to tell them a secret in a giant, empty auditorium. It's not like anyone else is listening, right?

Thanks much for the encouragement. I've been trying to be semi-regular in updating this thing and it's nice to know that there's at least one person out there reading this stuff. For a while writing for it felt like masturbation in the truest, saddest sense of the word.

So, for you, Megan, quite possibly my only reader, I will continue this half-dead dog of a blog!


Anonymous said...

Make that two readers.

Buried among countless favorited websites not looked at in years resides jayblackcomedy. Glad I looked around for some updates. Who would have thought Jay Black would meet Jaxx from Mortal Combat and spend time with the Saved by the Bell cast members. Where will your career take you next? Casual Sunday brunch with Ben Savage? Running into Phoebe Kates at the hotel pool?

It's always enjoyable to read your thoughts. Some new form of insight mixed with confusion and raunchy humor can be found in each post. You have a kid now! Things change fast I guess.

I graduated Rowan. 4 years of wasted time and money. Advertising Major, Computer Science Minor. I am now living with my girlfriend and going to school to become a Scientific Glassblower.. Seriously, it is an actual profession.

Hope all is well. Keep posting.

John @ Fykse . net

Megan said...

OMG!!!!! You made my day Jay. Thank you very much. Keep on keepin on with the blog, cuz I read it and I am going to make sure lots of others read it as well. You are Fantastic. And I will continue commenting on how effing funny you are. Megan